Friday, February 11, 2011

People Watching

i need to master my super secret ninja moves so that i can start taking photos and/or videos while i'm people watching

people in the last couple of weeks that i wish i had documented:
1. the guy at the gym who neighed and whinnied like a horse while on the elliptical next to me. this went on for about 20 minutes. yes... he really made horse sounds. for real. 
2. the 80's rocker wannabe in the supermarket. since there is no photo, i'll have to describe him as best i can. i hope i do him justice. 
i wish i had a witness with me. i was walking down the cereal aisle of the supermarket and this guy came strolling around the corner into my aisle. strolling like he was in a music video from 1986, not in the supermarket buying cookie crisp. he was probably 45, 5'9" and kinda scrawny. He had on white high-top sneakers with brick red hammer pants tucked into them and a red t-shirt with a big white star on the front and the sleeves ripped off. the sleeveless shirt was tucked very tightly into the hammer pants. he also had a matching red bandanna around his head, but he was careful not to cover his rod stewart hair-do. oh and a mustache. i'm talking magnum p.i. mustache. i told you i should have taken a photo. classic. 

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