Thursday, October 28, 2010

Introducing... The Inspiration Pad

When I was in high school, I lived about 4 hours away from my best friend Liz. We exchanged letters all the time and somehow our letter writing became a contest to see who could write the longest letter or who could find the most creative paper. I wrote her a letter on a roll of toilet paper once. And on another occasion, I made a tiny book from giant graph paper {the size of a big desk calendar} and then filled it. I think she won the award for lengthiest letter, though; I believe it was somewhere around 30 pages. At that point, we were pretty much sending each other a diary so we decided it was time to start cutting back...

When I saw this notebook, it reminded me of sending Liz those letters that were almost like a puzzle to read. It would definitely be a challenge to read some of these pages!

Found on Dornob, Images from Behance Network

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  1. I totally dig this notebook! I would love to try to write on the pages featured in the 4th photo!