Monday, October 25, 2010

S'mores Brownie Experiment

So I decided to go the easy route for the first round of s'mores cupcake experimenting and I used brownie mix instead of making chocolate cake. I created a bunch of variations using brownie mix, graham cracker crust and, of course, marshmallows. Here is how it went...

Some of them had a graham cracker crust bottom. A few had a marshmallow.

For the ones on the left, I mixed the brownie mix and graham cracker crust together. The ones on the right had brownie mix with a marshmallow center.

To top them off, I either put graham cracker crust crumbles or brownie mix, depending on what the other layers were. 

And once they were close to being done, I melted a marshmallow on the top of some. 

The results? Well I had my house-mates all try them (including 2 four year olds who always say exactly what they think) and the winning combination is....

Graham cracker crust on the bottom, then a layer of brownie with a marshmallow in the center and topped off with another marshmallow.

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  1. These were soo delicious! Thanks for the tutorial, too!