Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Needs a Campfire for S'mores?

With a family member who works for a baking supply company, we have a lot of cupcake wrappers in our kitchen. I've been meaning to collect some fun new cupcake and muffin recipes to try out and today I figured out where to begin... Design Crush featured adorable chocolate cupcakes with a single marshmallow on top and they got me thinking about s'mores cupcakes!

I'd never had one or seen one, so I began thinking of the tastiest way to make them and I came up with an idea - A graham cracker cupcake with chocolate chips and this toasty marshmallow on top. But then I Googled "s'mores cupcakes" and found these scrumptious looking goodies...

This recipe from Bakerella suggests baking a cupcake with half graham cracker batter, half chocolate batter and a marshmallow center. Then the cupcake is topped with more chocolate and another marshmallow.  This gooey dessert would be sure to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth.

In these two recipes, you bake chocolate cupcakes with graham cracker crust at the bottom. Then you top each cupcake with a whipped marshmallow frosting which gets toasted with a torch. How pretty do they look!

Image from Beantown Baker

Image from Martha Stewart

 So many ideas and combinations to play with... I'll just have to start baking and let you know what I come up with!

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